1. Ya no tengo miedo de decirte que el mundo es mi ejército.
    Soy su comandante y a la vez soy su primera línea. 
    Soy mi propia carne de cañón, y mi conspirador.

  3. I keep coming back here where everything slipped

  4. Everyday my eyes are older, I grow a bit closer to you

  5. Just a song we shared I’ll hear
    Brings memories back when you were here
    Of your smile, your easy laughter
    Of your kiss, those moments after

  6. Nothingness 

  8. Para ti

  9. You daren’t define which has happened to us. Well I’ve had a name for it for some time.
    You try to find what it is that you feel. I long to tell you so truly.
    Oh this could be trouble after all, after all..

  10. Patagonia

  11. Boom

  12. C

  14. There’s a little bit of me inside you, gathering what you’ve lost.
    There’s a little bit of you in everyone. You never keep it secret.

    And I’m watching you now.
    I see you building a castle with one hand, while tearing down another with the other.