1. Something true that we’re too busy living through, too busy to see.


  2. epicurusdocet said: Hello! I've seen some of your amazing photos and you've gone to the uwc! Wow! I'd like to try this experience, too, so could you tell me how you managed to enter and how was your experience? I'd like to go to Norway, too, so do you have some tips?

    Hi! Thank you a lot for your message. 

    The application to UWC differs slightly from country to country. In some they would ask you to write an application, send in your grades, and then maybe they will interview you before giving you a place. I applied through the Chilean national committee, and I also had to attend a three-day camp, which probably allowed me to show much more of my personality and the things I like and my thoughts on different topics. 
    I would recommend you just to be yourself! If it is a really short application, try to keep in mind they want to get to know you in depth, so make the best use of the space they give you (orally or written) 

    The school in Norway is located on the countryside, 3 hours drive from Norway’s second largest city, Bergen. The school campus is beautiful, but relatively small once you’ve been there for a while. That can be both positive or negative depending on your personality. I got very close to my friends, my roommates and classmates, with whom I still keep in touch after years. 

    I hope my response was someway helpful. If you have any other particular question don’t hesitate in writing me!



  3. Ya no tengo miedo de decirte que el mundo es mi ejército.
    Soy su comandante y a la vez soy su primera línea. 
    Soy mi propia carne de cañón, y mi conspirador.

  5. I keep coming back here where everything slipped

  6. Everyday my eyes are older, I grow a bit closer to you

  7. Just a song we shared I’ll hear
    Brings memories back when you were here
    Of your smile, your easy laughter
    Of your kiss, those moments after

  8. Nothingness 

  10. Para ti

  11. You daren’t define which has happened to us. Well I’ve had a name for it for some time.
    You try to find what it is that you feel. I long to tell you so truly.
    Oh this could be trouble after all, after all..

  12. Patagonia

  13. Boom

  14. C